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Shop U.S. tax-free online at top shops like Macy’s, Best Buy and Sephora with the selection and prices you can only find in the U.S.

Ship To Your GoSend U.S. Address

Use your GoSend U.S. address as your shipping address at checkout. You will not be charged U.S. sales tax since we are located in Delaware, a tax-free state!

Store More, Save More

Store items for up to 60 days in your GoSend Locker and have them combined while you continue to shop. Shipping just one box instead of five is like getting four free.

Get The Best Shipping Rates Anywhere

Save up to 80% off international shipping with guaranteed secure delivery. It is usually cheaper to ship with GoSend than directly from retailers.

How GoSend Changes International Shopping

GoSend Is Your Second Suitcase For Shopping in the States

If you have ever visited the States, or know someone who has, you're probably familiar with shopping for bargains and bringing them home in an extra suitcase. Think of your GoSend Locker as your second suitcase to fill up at any time with products you can't find at home and for much less

Shop U.S. retailers online as if you were a local with their full selection available to you and at U.S. prices. When you get to the checkout, instead of entering your own shipping address, you can now use your unique U.S. tax-free GoSend Locker address.

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Shop, Store and Save!

You no longer need to pay each retailer’s high shipping costs, instead shop at several stores and ship your goods to your GoSend Locker for up to 60 days.

When you're ready to ship, we can combine everything in your locker, all in one box or just a few at a time - you are in complete control of the process and can save up to 80% on shipping!

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Ship Your Goods With GoSend For Less

It is much cheaper to ship with GoSend than directly from the retailers. VIP Members can ship anywhere with our GoSend's Global Member Rates, which are based on our carrier bulk discounts with rates of up to 80% off!

We also deliver your items to your front door using only top carriers including DHL Worldwide, U.S. Postal Service, Local Posts and FedEx. You can feel free to check your orders and track shipments at any time using your GoSend Member Portal.

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We Love to Support You

Should you need assistance, simply choose the best form of contact from the following:


If you have general questions about our Shipping Calculator, your GoSend Locker, our Membership plans, or you're just curious to learn more about how GoSend works – check out our FAQ page.


Ticket System

If you prefer to leave us a written support request, you can use our ticket system 24/7. Just fill out your query and we will get back to you within 24 working hours (our hours are between 900-2300 GMT).

Live Chat

Have an instant-message chat anytime with one of our support agents. We will send you a copy of the transcript at the end if you need it. Multilingual support agents are available!

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You can use GoSend with a huge selection of popular retailers in the U.S., including:

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A Delaware U.S. tax-free shipping address

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